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Phorus Now Streaming Internet Radio, Expanding Music Options For Play-Fi’s Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi


​Phorus, a subsidiary of DTS, Inc.,  announced today that its breakthrough ‘Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi’ home audio system now offers a vast array of FM, AM and Internet radio programming to its customers, in addition to the hugely popular Pandora streaming service.  For existing users, the new features are being delivered via an automatic update of the company’s free Play-Fi™ app, and for new customers, the full menu of streaming options will be available from day one.

Play-Fi users can now access thousands of popular Internet radio stations from across the globe such as NPRESPN RadioRadio Disney,Voice of America, and Fox News Radio, directly from their Android smartphone or tablet, and stream to the Phorus PS1 Speaker and PR1 Receiver.  In addition, users also can stream popular Internet radio stations such as, local AM/FM stations and Sports radio, as well as a vast directory of podcasts. Consumers can even select and save their favorite stations, almost like pre-sets in the car.  Best of all, the audio streams with pristine quality over Wi-Fi, without static or other artifacts of normal radio listening.

Phorus’ DTS Play-Fi enabled PS1 Speaker, PR1 Receiver, and App launched in October of 2012 as the first wireless home audio system built from the ground up for Android devices.  Later this year, Phorus will launch support for Windows® PCs, in addition to iOS.

The Phorus PS1 Speaker ($199) and Phorus PR1 Receiver ($149) are both available now in the U.S. the Phorus store and  The company has also recently begun shipping to Canada from those same retail outlets.  The Phorus Play-Fi App is free and available on theGoogle Play store and in the Amazon App Marketplace.

Visit Phorus for more information, connect with Phorus on Facebook and Twitter (@phorusaudio), or visit DTS, or connect with DTS on Facebook and Twitter (@DTS_Inc).

Product images and a demo video are available via the Media section of the Phorus website.

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