Phorus PS1 on box

What I’m Thankful For . . .

(Apart from Turkey . . .)

With holidays imbued with giving and thanks upon us (and before the world goes crazy with the shopping frenzy that follows), I wanted to share my appreciation for things that make this Little Speaker a whole lot happier. 

Wren speaker with Phorus speaker and receiver


To start, I’m thankful for my family and friends. Yeah, we’re not biologically related, just connected by Play-Fi.  And sure, I’m fine to fill a room on my own, but it’s so much better when we’re together, streaming in perfect harmony, or each rockin’ to our own beat. I know Tolstoy once said, “All happy families are alike.” That guy could not be more wrong.  Our happy family is full of whole home audio awesomeness, and I love it.



PS1 on stack of CDs



I’m also thankful for stacks and stacks and stacks of music CDs. Old school, I know, but bear with me. I love these tunes, and instead of them gathering dust on a shelf, I can digitize them and give them a whole new life! I can pull the raw WAV files, convert them to the more convenient lossless format of FLAC, or even just output to MP3s. Whichever format I choose, the songs come to me exactly the way I remember them. Audio quality matters, man.



PS1 with Acer network storage deviceI’m super thankful for large Network Storage Drives.  Did you see how many CDs I had? Exactly! When I need to access all that music (using Play-Fi, naturally), this bad boy is my one-stop shop. Even if he’s in a closet somewhere, it’s a snap for me to find him, and so fantastic to hear my collection all through the house.

PS1 on a Subwoofer.



My baby brother, the Little Receiver, is thankful for big ol’ Subwoofers! He uses them in his setup to kick out that big lossless bass when we need some thump in our multi-room fun.  I do admit to being a tiny bit jealous, though. But I’d like to see that guy fit onto the kitchen counter.




PS1 holding two tablets.


I’m thankful for all the cool new tablets and phones out there, especially the ones that will be appearing in gift wrapping soon.  There’s nothing that makes my day better than making mobile music sound great at home.  Now that I’m hooked up with both Android and iOS with Windows right around the corner, there are literally about a billion chances for me to do that.  


That’s why I’m most thankful for everyone out there who’s brought a Little Speaker home, whether you had me travel through the air from Amazon or picked me up at your local, friendly Radio Shack.  Having adventures is all well and good (as is writing posts for this blog), but give me a song to play, and someone to play it for, and I’m one elated audio product. The great reviews are icing on the cake, but I love those, too. 

By the way, thanks to you for reading this.

So how 'bout it: What are you thankful for?