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From our customers:

I received this speaker as a gift and I am so happy with it - it is even better than advertised! I had the speaker up and going in less than 10 minutes - right out of the box! It connected easily with my home wifi, and I created a Pandora account on the spot. The software downloaded quickly and is very user friendly and intuitive. Music filled my living room, kitchen, and office - even my cat was fascinated with it!Diane
The sound was crisp, full and ran the spectrum of highs and lows with CD+ quality. There was no 'tininess' or hollow sound I have heard from other speaker/sound systems. Our house guests and I were extremely impressed.Steven
I'm a bit of an audiophile...not the kind who spends $10,000 on a system, but definitely $2000 or more, and I've been looking for a wifi solution that has multiroom potential without being tied to one system (Apple or Sonos), and that plays music at near CD quality. This is the one.Dr. Wedgwood
I've been looking high and low for a wireless speaker for Android that doesn't cost a fortune and sounds better than Bluetooth speakers. I finally found it!Jennifer
Fantastic little speaker with a big voice. Affordable, compact, and high quality! Being a college student, I don't have much extra space -- but I can stick the PS1 anywhere, easily connect, and start playing music. The sound is great and I am not limited by having to leave my phone connected. I have nothing but great things to say about this product!G. Brigs
Finally!! This receiver is a perfect high quality music streamer for your Android phone. The receiver works exactly as advertised, no hiccups what so ever.Sharp Reviewer
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