Music in the Lone Star State

Rocking Out with the Little Speaker

Hey Ya’ll! Little Speaker here. Long time, no see! The other week I had the sincere pleasure of kicking it at the Friends Bar on 6th Street during SXSW. It was a flat-out jammin’ time, with loads of great music, tasty drinks, and even some slick jeans.

When I first arrived, the front door was backed up with quite a procession. With the line-up we had, it was no wonder. Naturally, I just flashed my badge and the bouncers gave me the VIP treatment. I was in.

VIP Style


Pretty much right as I was settling in, Current Swell kicked things off with a bang. They were fun and rambunctious in a way that really got everyone moving. And if you don’t believe me, you should see for yourself

The Pack a.d. came on next and proceeded to blow out sound systems and rock hard enough to knock over their own drum kits. It was a wild time you could only get out of a Canadian 90s-esque rock duo.

These two were all about wrecking it.

Between all the rockin’ out, I was enjoying some cool drinks with fans, and even making some new ones. I guess I have a bit of an electric personality thanks to my killer Wi-Fi sound. It catches people off-guard when it comes from a cute little fella’ like moi. Naturally, all of our cool new fans get sweet Phorus swag as thanks for hanging with the gang and me!

Lone Star and Phorus Swag. Life's Good.


Next, Royal Canoe got up with their sick keyboards and eclectic mustaches and played a set that was intensely alternative. The best way to put it is that it was like watching the live version of this video.

After a bit of a set-up, Madi Diaz took to the stage and played some mellow tunes and charmed the crowd with her amicable and open whimsy. She decided to restart and very humorously and knowingly asked the crowd not to mention it to anyone or to tweet about it. I’ve totally not broken that promise. #ISwear #MadiMessedUp

Madi was having a lot of fun, right along with the audience.

As Madi finished up and wished everyone an awesome SXSW, I was chatting up some new Phorus fans and dishing out the sweet, sweet swag. Bags and beanies are the fastest ways to a man’s heart, right next to killer Wi-Fi sound!



When it was time for Run River North, they had to keep it brief due to time contraints, but that didn’t stop them from packing the place tight as soon as they kicked up the sound. In short, they killed it. Of course they were killing it all over SXSW. See for yourself in the video at the bottom (which is also a pretty good summation of SXSW overall).

It was finally Ghost Beach’s turn to take the stage, but we’d completely run out of time. That didn’t stop these guys, though! They played their reggae-new wave-house-electro fusion until they were kicked out. It was a tremendously good way to end the evening and I loved every minute of it. Definitely watch for these guys.

Ghost Beach throwing down


All in all, it was a wild and crazy event that really blew me away, and I just don’t remember having quite as much fun or meeting as many cool people as I did that day. It was a rockin’ good time. Can’t wait for next year!

Hey! If you’ve got some of your own cool SXSW stories, go ahead and share ‘em here!


And don't forget this sweet video! (Pretty soon we may be seeing some more from these guys . . .)