Play-Fi now on Windows PCs

Play-Fi for Windows

and all the cool stuff it lets you do!

Play-Fi for Windows is finally available! The tremendous fanfare pours from the masses! The hills resounds with the joyous laughter of children of all ages in the wake of Play-Fi for Windows! Well, not exactly, but everybody's pretty excited; you get the idea.

For those not in the know, you may be wondering why the heralds are singing the triumphs of the Windows Play-Fi app. We'll boil it down for you: With Play-Fi for Windows, you can stream the lossless audio of any application from your Windows 7 or 8 PC to any of your connected Play-Fi speakers. That's right: Any application. We mean it, too. All the audio that your PC can render can be sent to your Phorus, Wren, Polk, and Definitive Play-Fi speakers over beatiful, lossless Wi-Fi.

And it gets better than that. With Play-Fi HD you can upgrade the experience by isolating the audio from selected applications, so that only that audio plays to your Play-Fi speakers. Great for listening to music throughout your house using Spotify, while watching a video from YouTube on your computer screen and its own speakers.

So how does that work? Simple!

  1. Launch Play-Fi HD for Windows
  2. Select your Speaker
  3. Select the app of your choice (in this case, Windows Media Player)
  4. Hit Start and play some music!

Streaming audio only from Windows Media Player!

So now you can play a game and the sounds won't interupt your music. You and your friends can enjoy some tunes while you enjoy your Wolfenstein.

If you're feeling really fancy, you can split the audio from a video using VLC. Now, it takes some time to send the audio out to the speakers you have setup in your home, but using VLC, you can adjust the audio delay so that it matches the time it takes to reach the Play-Fi speakers.

Hastening that audio

Now you can enjoy your favorite videos with much better audio than what tiny laptop speakers can provide.

How you play your audio is up to you, and now with Play-Fi for Windows, you have the tools to play anything everywhere. Free your music!

Let us know how you use Play-Fi for Windows in the comments below!