The New York Skyline

New York, New York!

The PS5 and GetGeeked

We truly love New York (a million T-shirts can't be wrong!) The Big Apple, as the song says, is our favorite place to start spreading the news when big things are happening for Phorus. In the autumn of 2012, we had our coming out party there, announcing our Phorus products and Play-Fi technology, as a brand new member of the DTS family. A year ago, we announced our embrace of iOS, and talked about our vision for growing the Play-Fi ecosystem.  Fall 2014 though? Best. Visit. Ever.  

We unveiled brand new Phorus products, including a sneak peek at the sleek PS5 Speaker, showed off new app features like multi-zone streaming and our newest music partners Songza and Sirius/XM, and filled an entire apartment with Play-Fi products of all kinds, including the new collections from Polk Audio and Definitive Technology. The press interest was beyond gratifying, but it was even more satisfying to get in front of a crowd of tech savvy consumers at GetGeeked and hear how much they loved our Wi-Fi whole home audio story. The icing on the cake was seeing Run River North live in Brooklyn, the day that their killer new music video, Monsters Calling Home, debuted, with our products putting in a cameo appearence. To top this trip next year, we are seriously going to have to go nuts!

Here are some of the trip highlights:

The Phorus PS5 Speaker, also known as "The Wireless Speaker You've Been Waiting For" appears for the very first time.



So sleek! So Sexy! The voicing is just as elegant as its looks, thanks to our crack team of audio enginers and renowned DTS sound. Slated for release later this year (click here and we'll let you know the minute it comes out), the PS5 was the perfect vehicle to showcase the latest features of the Phorus App.  

The Phorus PS5 Speaker definitely prompted some buzz right out of the gate. And it wasn't just the press who were getting excited. The fans at GetGeeked literally, well, got geeked about the whole system:


Play-Fi comes to life, and the crowd goes wild.

The real eye opener, though, was when press and fans saw the Phorus system working in perfect harmony with the brand new speakers from Polk Audio and Definitive Technology. In one small space the big idea of Play-Fi came to life. Speakers from different brands, with totally different styles and sound, all coming together in one simple way. They loved it.


Not content to just fill the room with music, we filled a goodie bag with Phorus swag and sent this lucky winner home with one of our new PR5 Receivers!


Our winner, on the right there, does look a bit shell shocked, but she didn't know there was a super cool beanie in the bag, too. Score!

Monsters Calling Home Bows in Brooklyn

In Brooklyn, the oh-so-talented Run River North packed 'em into the Music Hall, and we were right there with them. The video for their hit single, Monsters Calling Home, debuted that day (you can read a cool interview with the band about the making of the video here), and it was a blast to see the crowd singing along with every word at the show. We even found a Phorus fan at the merch table on the way out.  

A new fan!

If you haven't seen the video, do it now!  You'll see our very own Little Speaker, his new sexy cousin, and the Receiver all featured (in an unobtrusive, tasteful way, of course). There's even a special promo code on YouTube, if you're feeling the need to pick up a music video star of your own.

To see even more highlights from the trip, check out our Facebook page. And we'll leave you with this sweet video interview with our Technology Specialist, live from GetGeeked, loaded with more info and Big Apple fun. Got an idea for next year in NY? Let us know in the comments.

Until then: Keep on rockin'!