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New Streaming Services!

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You know what we always say around here?

There's no such thing as too much music.  

That's why we're pretty darn happy about the latest enhancements to the already crazy-great list of streaming options that come with every Phorus product. 

Amazon Music

First up is Amazon Music, and more specifically their new Prime Music service. This is Amazon's new radio and playlist streaming service exclusively for Prime members.  Now, not only do members (and really, aren't we all members?) get all that free shipping and fresh food and videos galore, they also get an incredible selection of music on tap. This service is a big upgrade to an older Amazon music offering and our team was hand-picked by Amazon as one of the first wireless audio companies to offer it to you and the rest of the DTS Play-Fi product family.  

We suggest you start by exploring Prime Playlists, a vast set of specially curated playlists full of tracks to get you in the right mood.  Browse by genre or era, too. You can freely pick from any of the tracks in these playslists, or just let them fill your home from start to finish.

Prime Playlists

Then there's Prime Stations, which are tailored streams, like radio stations, based on your favorite artists, tracks, or genres. Not sure what you want? Just pick a station and let it go all day. Why not play the station hosting the 50 best songs from The Beatles?

Prime Stations

This is all available now.  Just choose Amazon Music from the music menu, log in, and start streaming. Amazon has big plans for even more features for Prime Music and Amazon Music in general, and those new bells and whistles will automatically appear as they roll out. Poof! Just like that! Because, well, Amazon is super good at delivering things fast, and so are we.



Up next we have iHeartRadio, the awesome and free live radio and station curation service. Anyone can create a free iHeartRadio account and start listening to their favorite station either locally or nationwide. There's even a few international and digital-only stations in there as well. iHeartRadio will make recommendations for which stations they think you'd also enjoy, and you can add any station to your favorites for easy listening later.

On top of that, you can even create custom stations off of your favorite artists or tracks, and you have a smörgåsbord of podcasts that you can queue up as well.

This new service is not available in the app just yet, but we should see it popping up around the end of February. If we can knock it out sooner, we will. Promise.

We also, sadly, are saying goodbye to some of our other beloved music pals.  Rdio stopped streaming in December, and Songza will be fully absorbed into Google Play Music at the end of this month.  Fortunately, fans of both still have great options, including RhapsodyTidal, and these two amazing new services. For a limited time we actually have some special offers to make the transition easier.

If you have any favorite stations from either of the services above, or recommendations for those bereft over the loss of old favorites, let us know in the comments!